HIPPA Compliance Solutions

HIPAA's regulations require health care organizations and their business associates to adopt policies and procedures that protect the privacy, security, and integrity of their clients' protected health information.

HIPAA Compliance is Not Voluntary; It is Mandatory

  • HIPAA’s Privacy Rule protects the patient’s individually identifiable health information that a health care organization holds or sends to another through any type of transmission.
  • Not understanding the HIPAA rules or purposefully violating those rules will result in the imposition of hefty fines and may result in forced structural reorganization.
  • Enforcement of HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and Security Rule fall to the Office of Civil Rights, the Justice Department, and the FCC.
  • Healthcare professionals who knowingly use or obtain health information in the intentional violation of the HIPAA rules may be criminally responsible under the criminal enforcement section of the Act.

Microwise, Inc. helps Medical Practices with HIPPA Compliance Audits. We can make sure that your practice maintains compliance with HIPAA security standards for the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI). Our highly skilled team of engineers is 100% focused on ensuring the security, reliability, and performance of your systems.

Cyber Security & HIPAA Compliance Services

Healthcare organizations make good targets for ransomware attacks because they don’t typically have sophisticated backup systems and other resiliency measures like large corporations. Ransomware attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and often begin with an email attachment opened by an unwitting employee. The malicious code crawls through the computer system, encrypting and locking data folders and the computer’s operating system.

HIPAA Compliance Security Consulting With Microwise, Inc

Everything you need to maintain the security compliance with HIPAA security and compliance program, while safeguarding your organization against data breach, compliance failure, incentive recoupment, and fines. It is a key requirement of the HIPAA Security Management Process Standard and a major requirement for organizations seeking payment through the Medicare and Medicaid Meaningful Use Program.

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